In the past most of all kids wanted to go to Disneyland or to build a treehouse, these days they mainly dream about becoming a YouTube blogger and uploading a video on the Internet with their trip to Disneyland or building a treehouse. And that’s great, because by keeping a personal video blog, kids can express themselves and be creative.

Moreover, if their interest in the blog does not fade, then this hobby can eventually grow into a YouTube blogger profession, something one of the three kids dreams about. There are many success stories like this. For example, sisters and R&B singers Chloe x Halle created their own channel when they were 13 and 11. They were just doing covers for fun, and after they performed Pretty Hurts, Beyonce noticed them and took them under her wing. They’re world celebrities now.

Another example is Annie Leblanc, who became a blogger at the age of 6. She published her songs and videos on gymnastics and various tutorials. In 8 years Annie created a loyal audience of 3.8 million subscribers, and in 2018 Business Insider called her one of the “most famous teenagers in the world.”

But there are also RonaldOMG, EvanTubeHD, GamerGirl, Ryan’s World, Jacob Sartorius, and thousands of other YouTube bloggers that kids watch and want to do the same. It’s just that they don’t know how to create a channel, shoot a video, upload a banner, etc. That’s what kids need to be helped with, and today we’re going to tell you the best way to do it.

How to Make a YouTube Channel

If a child is over 13 years old

To create a YouTube channel, you just need to sign up for a Google account. The access to publishing a new video, listing, and YouTube editor features are in the Your videos section.

How to Make a YouTube Channel

Or you can click on the profile icon at the top right of the screen and then go to the Your channel section. The listing and the settings are in the YouTube Studio section.

The YouTube Studio section

If a child is under 13 years old

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) prohibits anyone from collecting children’s user data. Therefore, the rules of the platform (Google LLC) prohibit children from creating personal accounts until they are 13 years old. There are two ways to get around that prohibition:

  • Through a parent’s account. The video is recorded and manipulated by your child, and you just upload it through your account. At the beginning, most YouTube children publish their videos using this option.
  • Through the Family Link app. If your child has an Android phone, you can download the Family Link app. It can be used to monitor and control activities on a device, and it also blocks the collection of user data if the child is under 13 years old.

How to Create a Cool YouTube Video

The first video should be created together with your child. In that way you’ll be able to show him/her what to do and how to do it, and you’ll know whether the kid likes doing it or not. If a child does and wants to make progress in that direction, you can think about some kids training courses or workshops, for example, the YouTube Creator course for children over 10 years old, where they can learn how to:

  • Make and setup channels.
  • Create content for social networks.
  • Produce, shoot, and edit video.
  • Develop a design for a channel’s cover.

But let’s get back to how to make a YouTube video. Give your child a phone, video camera or camera, and let them shoot a simple video and publish it online. If it is a phone, you can use the standard YouTube app:

How to Create a Cool YouTube Video

Next, you need to upload the finished video from your computer and add a description. Everything is simple in that part, the only thing that should be emphasized is to make sure to note that it is kids content. This is important for positioning and promotion of the channel.

How to Create a Fine YouTube Video

When the basic things are learned, you can start telling your child how to create a really cool video for his or her blog in YouTube. To do this, explain to your future video blogger the following points:

What to shoot, some ideas

For kids under 10 it is usually games, toys, animals and stories about how they spent their day. Kids over 10 can make nature movies, music videos, interviews, or historical reenactments. It is also possible to create some educational content.

What is the best hardware to shoot video with

By and large, a phone with a good camera and a tripod is enough, but there are some nuances to it. For example, you need a good microphone for music videos, you need a stabilized and autofocusing camera or an action camera for sports. If you need blurring of the background, you need a camera with video capabilities and a good lens.

What is the best hardware to shoot video with
Shot with a phone and no blur on the left, a camera with the lens and blur on the right.

What should and should not be present in the frame

Use the standards of professional photographers who take pictures of Airbnb accommodations: cleanliness, more light and less interior detail that will distract attention from the subject. In addition to that, you need to make sure that everything looks pretty, such as the pillows plumped, the closets closed and the scattered toys taken away.

What should and should not be present in the frame
Examples of bad (left) and good (right) interior for shooting a video

Frame composition and the rule of thirds

Divide the frame area into nine conventional zones (3×3). At the intersection points of the lines are the areas that attract the viewer’s attention most. To shoot cool video, the subject, such as your eyes, must be placed at the intersection points of these lines.

Frame composition and the rule of thirds

Application software for video processing

Usually Filmora is suggested for kids because the software is designed with YouTube in mind and is easy to learn. You can also use free iMovie for iOS and Movie Maker for Windows-based systems.

How to Change the Design of a YouTube Channel

We’re talking about a background or a banner placed at the top of the channel listing. You can change it by going to the channel page through the menu and clicking Customize the channel.

How to Change the Design of a YouTube Channel

Then select Add channel art.

How to add channel art

And upload the desired photo or image.

Upload the desired photo on Youtube channel

You can make a beautiful banner for a YouTube kid’s blog in Adobe Photoshop or another graphics editor.

How to Start Streaming Video Games on YouTube

Game console. If you have a PS4, go to Settings → Sharing and Broadcasting → Link with Other Services → YouTube and connect your account. Then start the game and press the SHARE button on the gamepad. In the case of Xbox One you can only stream on YouTube through the capture card because Microsoft wants everyone to stream on their Mixer streaming service.

How to Start Streaming Video Games on YouTube

Connection diagram of the console to a capture card for streaming games on YouTube PC. Go to the YouTube website, click on the camera icon and then Go live. The system will ask you to verify the channel with your phone, and in 24 hours you will be able to stream video games from your computer.

How to to stream video games from the computer

Cell phone. Click the camera icon in the app, after clicking Live, give the name to the stream and choose the game.

How Much Do Children YouTube Bloggers Make

Most children blogger earn on YouTube through contextual advertising, which can be signed up by anyone who has 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views in the last 12 months. The amount of income depends on views, content, target audience, country and several other factors, so it is very difficult to say how much a particular blogger earns. There is only data on how much the most popular children YouTube bloggers earn:

Hayley LeBlanc$ 125 thousand101.4 million
Annie LeBlanc$ 250 thousand143.6 million
EthanGamer$ 1 million132.4 million
EvanTubeHD$ 1.04 million136.4 million
ronaldOMG$ 1.22 million102.6 million
GamerGirl$ 2 million123.5 million
JoJo Siwa$ 2.6 million1610 million
キッズライン♡Kids Line$ 4.9 million97.5 million
CKN Toys$ 8.5 million3 and 713 million
Ryan ToysReview$ 29.5 million821 million

The table is based on the 2019 data, before the website introduced new rules for the monetization of kids content (January 6, 2020.) How those innovations will affect the income of children YouTube bloggers is difficult to predict. Experts say that the new figures will be much smaller, most likely 10 or even 20 times lower.

More information on how to become a YouTube blogger and earn money can be found at or by taking the YouTube Creator | Level: beginner course.