You should read our general article on how to work from home. Today we are going to elaborate on one of those options – how to become a YouTube Vlogger. Why? Because it’s the easiest way! If you know how to do something cool such as knitting, dancing, singing, drawing, cooking, repairing cars, building, cleaning a house, telling stories – you should shoot a video, create a YouTube channel, and share your knowledge and skills with the audience. 

Do you think it’s too complicated or “not your thing”? Here are five Cinderella stories that will prove otherwise.

Videogames Markiplier (Mark Fischbach)

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The New York Times article headline about Mark Fischbach

Mark Fishbach’s story is probably the best proof that anyone can become a YouTube vlogger and earn millions of dollars from it. Mark began his journey to success after going through a rough time in his life. He had broken up with his girlfriend, gotten fired from his job, and had an adrenal tumor that was discovered during his appendectomy. To top it all, he also dropped out of the University of Cincinnati where he was studying bioengineering. You have to admit, these are “truly perfect” conditions for embarking on something new.

In order to get distracted from all the calamities and earn some extra money on the side, Mark started recording himself playing Amnesia games – The Dark Descent, Penumbra and Dead Space, and published them on YouTube. In the first few months, everything was going real slow (YouTube rarely lets videos from new channels become viral), plus Mark’s Markiplier channel was blocked due to some violations related to incorrect advertising, so he created a new one called  MarkiplierGAME.

Mark didn’t give up and began working even harder on his new channel. He recorded two videos every single day, analyzed trends, told interesting things about video games, and often made jokes. And it started working – his number of subscribers was growing. He began making an income from making Youtube videos, he also started collaborating with other Youtubers. Then, in 2014 Mark was included in the Top 100 YouTube Channels list, and in 2015, he made it to the Top 20 Influential Teens in the USA, and in 2017, Forbes included him in the Top Ten YouTube Earners ($17.5 million per year).

Of course, Mark’s success story is unique, but that does not mean it can’t be repeated by others. For example, Karina (GamerGirl) and Ronald Kurzawa (ronaldOMG) started streaming in 2016 and just a year later they had over 1 million subscribers. It took EthanGamer (who started at the age of 7) three years to reach its first million subscribers. PrestonPlayz’s road to success was even easier. And there are a lot of stories like theirs.

Make notice!

Such a rapid success of GamerGirl and ronaldOMG can be explained by the fact that their parents knew how important marketing is for any business and therefore they helped their kids with the channel promotion.

Beauty: Emily Noel (Emily Eddington)

One of Emily’s first videos reached 19,000 views, although she was shooting the video in low light.

Emily Noel’s (whose real name is Emily Eddington) story is simpler but not less exemplary. The girl from a small town just started shooting videos about what she was interested in – makeup and cosmetics reviews. She had a cheap camera with bad sound quality, and just your usual room or natural lighting, but because she talked about what she was interested in and did it well, people liked her channel more and more.

It was far back in 2007, so the number of her subscribers wasn’t growing very quickly: 2000 in the first year (the YouTube channel was launched in 2005.) But gradually Emily attracted 100,000 followers and enabled monetization on her channel, which together with some sponsorship integration allowed her to quit her main job and concentrate on the YouTube channel. This led to her creating her own make-up line. 

These days Emily has one million subscribers for her main channel, her own cosmetics brand and earning more than 100 million dollars of personal fortune. 

Housecleaning: Clean My Space (Melissa Maker)

The most popular Clean My Space video has gained 13 million views.

Clean My Space is an example of a professional approach to creation of a YouTube channel to promote an already established business – in that particular case of the Maker’s Clean cleaning agency. The channel’s creator, Melissa Maker, decided that it was possible to shoot instructional videos for YouTube and thus create a name for herself.

Melissa approached this idea with the utmost thoroughness:

  • marketing strategies of competitors were studied
  • Google and YouTube search queries were analyzed
  • a business plan was drawn up and a promotion strategy was developed
  • dozens of houses and student rooms were cleaned to shine by her personally

Melissa used performance marketing practices to promote her YouTube channel because she did not have extra money and therefore did not want to waste it. As a result, she has had a rapid growth of subscribers, book writing, and participation in many TV talk shows, plus millions of dollars in revenue.

Kitchen and Housekeeping: 李子柒 Liziqi (Li Ziqi)

The first video on the 李子柒 Liziqi channel.

Li Ziqi is a village girl who grew up with her grandparents in Sichuan rural province of China. The beginning of her life was pretty rough – she dropped out of school and went to town to earn money to support herself and her family through hard and low-paid jobs. There she was abused, starved, slept under a bridge, and worked in all sorts of places. And when things started to get better, her grandfather died and Li had to return to her home village to take care of her sick grandmother. 

Shoot video on iphone
In the village Li Ziqi becomes a farmer and works from morning until night (Li Ziqi Biography Story)

In 2015, her brother introduced her to the Chinese video app Meipai, and she decided to try to make some money shooting videos about village life. And in order to stand out, Li did everything without using any modern technologies. 

The first videos where she cooked and made furniture weren’t successful, but she was noticed by several experts, on whose recommendations in 2016 Li started posting videos on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.) That helped, and in 2017, she became an Internet celebrity in China, known as “An Oriental Lifestyle Foodie.” Li then created a YouTube channel and gained more than a million subscribers within the first year (she now has 10 million subscribers), making her a global internet celebrity. 

Destroying Things: HaerteTest

Video shoot tips
HaerteTest channel playlist

The HaerteTest is probably the easiest approach to creation of a YouTube channel –  take something and shoot a video on an iPhone or iPad of how you are destroying it in one way or another. You don’t even have to say anything or show yourself on camera. You don’t think it worked out? Look at the number of views this channel has gained. 15 million views of a video of a car wheel running over coins! And take a look at the revenue – up to $4.2 million per year.

It’s such a simple idea yet the people love content such as this. This channel became so popular that other people started creating channels with similar content: Crush car experiments, Happy Color, POWER TEST, and the like. They all shoot videos on the iPhone of everyday things (from phones to chicken eggs) being destroyed with a car, an axe, an artificial volcano, pressure, a chainsaw, or an anvil (got other ideas?). And their videos are getting millions of views as well.

Don’t tell me you can’t shoot something like that on your phone!