Social networks have permeated our lives in such a way that it is now almost impossible to imagine our world without them. You don’t have to live next door anymore to keep up with the news of your friend. You don’t need to send a letter or even call to get in touch with anyone. There is no need to be a media personality to share some important news with the world. We just have to go into our account, write a few words in personal messages or post our idea on your page. But the functions of social networks are not limited to that. This is where you can make money and run your business, achieving pinnacles of unimaginable success in this offline world.

How Were Social Networks Born?

The history of social networks begins long before the creation of Facebook and Instagram for Business. Attempts to establish social contacts between people began with the first appearance of the Internet in 1969. And the first significant implementation of those attempts was “” website in 1995. Even back then hundreds of people could communicate and share their news online with their friends. It is this very site that became the pioneer and pathfinder for establishing social contacts between people.

But the real social networking boom started in 2003 – 2004 with the creation of Facebook and MySpace. It was a real revolution in communication and networking between people on the Internet. It was at this moment that the opportunity to use social networks for small businesses and to promote products and services effectively started becoming the norm.

There is a huge variety of Internet social networks these days. Here are the major ones:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. TikTok 
  5. MySpace

You can easily continue and significantly expand this list. Users (who want to communicate) as well as brands (who want to promote and sell) get along well on all those platforms.

Important fact! The debate about what is primarily in the concept of modern social networks, whether it is the soul or the sale, has been going on ever since. That is exactly what we will try to find the answer to in our article.

Marketing with Social Networks

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The task of any social network today is to show everyone the exact content that can interest them and become useful to them. In order to achieve this, special programs analyze each user’s Internet activity and find out the range of his or her interests. Marketing, advertising, and commerce come later. Each advertiser tries to make their post look as far as possible from being an advertisement. This is the purpose of Facebook or Instagram for your business.

It is interesting! No one wants to be an advertising consumer. Instead, we want to read an interesting post or watch a fascinating video about how we can solve our problems or get additional benefits. Besides the fact that the meaning of a post goes much further than a simple desire to sell, it is also shown to those who may be interested in it and find it useful. This approach has become possible only with the development of the Internet, but social networks have gone even further.

Friendship with Brands on Social Networks

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These days, we not only buy goods and order services from companies, but we strike friendship with them! Pages in social media networks for business are not different from pages of people. This gives users a whole new sense of intimacy with brands. Relationships with them become intimate, more trusting, and closer.

It is important! Never before have we been able to write a comment on the work of a major brand and get a response from the brand. Such communication blends social networks and business into a very powerful combination, mutually useful for platforms, brands, and customers.

With the advent of social networks, communication between customers and brands has become a much more personal matter, aimed not so much at increasing profits but rather at meeting people’s immediate needs. In such an environment, a brand can’t achieve commercial success without showing genuine concern for their customers.

How Does Sincerity Affect Sales?

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Today, the best social networks for business have come a long way and transformed from a bold IT experiment into an integral part of life for a vast majority of people on Earth. At the same time, they have almost completely erased the line between a person and a business. Both of them have their own pages, representations, reviews, and personal messages. Both of them take care of their reputation and try to look good in the eyes of society. People and brands both benefit from social media success in one way or another.

In that environment, people do not react so much to the vividness of a picture or the sound of advertising slogans, but rather to the idea that lies behind them. They follow those they trust in. The business that really puts its soul into communicating with its audience wins here.

The following is necessary for a business to establish contact with its customers:

  1. To identify the target audience
  2. To explore the interests and preferences of those people
  3. To develop the right voice for the brand communication
  4. To create a content publishing plan
  5. To organize a system of feedback between the company and its client
  6. To maintain a stable, constant, and regular presence in social networks

It is important! The main purpose of all those actions is to bring social network sites for business as close to users’ personal pages as possible. When your clients see themselves reflected in your company’s posts, they trust you, talk to you, become friends with you, and buy from you with much more readiness.

Companies on Social Networks – a Soul or a Business?

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The development of social networks is going toward humanization of all companies that promote their goods or services. The relationships between people and businesses become much closer and more personal. In order to attract attention to a business and increase sales, it is necessary to offer content that will be really interesting or useful to customers. Social networks for small businesses are especially important because they can help with attracting clients and increasing financial profitability. To post what is interesting to the public, to do it when it is convenient for the audience, to take into account their tastes and interests – those are the secrets of successful business presence in social networks. The subtle combination of business and personal approach ensures growth of popularity, quotability, and success of a business.

The thin line between business and personal, pragmatic and emotional, automatic and human takes the communication between brands and customers up to a new level, making it more profitable, useful, and enjoyable for all participants in the process.