SEO (website promotion) is the most effective way to attract not only visitors to a website, but target customers who are ready to become buyers. Here you will learn why SEO promotion compares favorably with other ways of promoting online. 

What is SEO? It’s profit! 

SEO promotion is a set of measures to increase the visibility of a website in search engines for targeted search queries. In other terms, SEO gives us an opportunity to “befriend” a website with popular search engines such as Google.

The task of any search engine is to offer its users products or services that may interest them based on their previous actions. If your offer has the potential to interest a visitor, the search mind will understand this and demonstrate the ad closer to the top of the search results. But it’s not as simple as it seems.

How to make a website a favorite for a search engine? What is SEO optimization?

What is SEO optimization
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Generally speaking, SEO promotion comes down to three main areas:

  1. Technical optimization of a website.
  2. Creation of a unique and useful content.
  3. Building of a good reference mass.

Web optimization

First of all, a website should be built in such a way that it would be easy and convenient for a search engine to “communicate” with the site. Search engine optimization is a science that aims to achieve the highest possible results in a search engine output.

Let me explain it with a metaphor: the technical optimization of a website is like taking a shower, and putting on clean clothes before going out to a party hoping to meet many new friends.


To take a near to the top position in search results, the content of your website must be unique and useful to the user. Texts copied from other websites, pictures “stolen” from stocks or videos that someone else has shot is the right way down in search results.

Reference mass

Your site is good and the more other websites refer to it the more interesting it looks to a search engine. What matters is not only a number of references, but also their sources. References from reputable and respected sources, which have appeared gradually adds a nice boost to your website. Linking with “shady” dubious websites, hundreds or thousands of which appear simultaneously is a huge disadvantage. That is instantly recognized and very much disliked by the “search mind.”

You’ve prepared a website. Now what? 

SEO promotion

Which websites are assigned higher or lower positions in search engine results is decided by algorithms of a particular search engine, and those algorithms are constantly being modified. As a result, no one knows exactly how the artificial intelligence works and which techniques will work better.

It is important to remember that there is no final stop on the way to the top lines of search results. If you stop improving the structure and content of your website, competitors will soon overtake you and take your place.

Contribute new unique content, motivate authoritative sources to refer you, polish the internal structure of your website and evaluate the results. With the right approach, you will see them very soon.

What will I get from SEO? 

What will you get from SEO
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As we discussed earlier, SEO promotion is necessary to attract clients. It is the most efficient and cheapest way to generate interest in your business. Neither advertising, social networks, nor other well-known promotional tools are able to deliver such significant results.

It’s not just about the number of visitors attracted, but also about their quality. People who come to your website through SEO are much more likely to buy something from you.

A product or a service that you offer has a consumer, and there is no need to look for them, because they are already looking for you. Just arrange everything for your client to find you faster and easier, and it will immediately affect your company’s profits.

How to avoid SEO mistakes?

How to avoid SEO mistakes
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Even if a website is perfectly optimized and tops the list of keyword query results, these positions can be quite easily lost if one of the mistakes listed below is made.

Technical mistakes

Making changes to a website is an inevitable and necessary process. But if you do not coordinate your changes with a SEO expert, you can lose everything that has been gained with all your months of hard work in a very short amount of time. Just by changing some of the operating scenarios of a website, you can drop from thousands of unique visitors per day to just dozens per month, and the whole process of promotion will have to be started again.

Keyword stuffing

Keywords are part of the “query formulation” with which a user finds your website. You can and should use them, but if there are too many, the website may fall under the sanctions of a search engine. If this is the case, it will inevitably be moved down in the rankings and you will lose clients.

Use unique texts with a reasonable number of keywords. Remember that the website and all its content should first and foremost be useful to users. Then the search algorithms will inevitably love it.

Non-optimized website pages

No content will save a website if it takes a long time for its pages to load or errors occur during the loading process. Make sure that the internal structure of your website is concise and logical, that all links work correctly, and that the images are not too large, slowing the loading speed.

Successful SEO recipe

Successful SEO recipe
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What is the secret to the success of SEO promotion which returns and multiplies the money invested? Seek website optimization and promotion only from professionals who have credibility, experience, and a good portfolio.

Professional SEO specialists will conduct several fundamentally important steps:

  • a technical audit of a website and a business niche analysis;
  • a semantic kernel collection;
  • website structure development;
  • creation of an internal optimization requirement specification;
  • website interlinking and creation of a reference mass;
  • content optimization and usability;
  • optimization of every important page.

In some ways, SEO optimization is similar to medical science – we all know what’s good and what’s bad for the body. But we should not interfere deeply in its inner workings too far, and even more so, we should not trust that task to an amateur. Only a professional with a fundamental theoretical basis and overall knowledge of how to apply it in practice can “cure” a website and nudge it toward a great and successful life.

Lifehack: How can you tell an SEO professional when you see one?

An amateur promises a lot and asks for an upfront payment. A pro is willing to charge for the work when it’s already done. Trust someone who is confident in the performance and results of their work, and who is willing to take money for specific results their work will achieve.

SEO is the easiest and cheapest way to find your customers

SEO is the easiest and cheapest way to find your customers
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The main principle of SEO promotion is the user-centered approach of your websites operation. All the rules are very simple to implement if you will follow them closely in your website’s optimization process.

Professional SEO optimization of a website and professional SEO promotion guarantees a significant increase in demand for your product or service among the audience that really needs it. This is an activity that brings a company its target customers ready to make a purchase, and finds among millions of casual users those that your business really needs. Investing in SEO is the most profitable and effective way to attract an audience, making your business profitable and successful.