Modern smartphones offer to their owners opportunities that decades ago were viewed as a mere fantastic fiction. What used to be a powerful computer back then fits in our pocket now and is capable of doing much more. But what if a device is outdated and no longer capable to cope with all the tasks of its owner? Buying a new phone in such a case is not the only option. You can just use an app that will breathe a new life into your old device.

Why Do We Need a Smartphone Cleaning App?

There are plenty of causes that do not allow older phone models to work to the full extent of their capacity. And each of those reasons can be corrected:

  • accumulated dust and dirt;
  • unused apps;
  • temporary files;
  • unnecessary processes running in RAM;
  • cookies.

All of these accumulate over time and prevent your smartphone from working at its full potential. For this reason, a pretty capable device can stop coping with its tasks adequately and begins to slow down and annoy the user.

Is buying a new smartphone the only way out of this situation? Is this the only way to use the latest technologies, such as high-speed Internet, new app versions, and other convenient tools? Actually it’s not. There is a utility app for the optimization of an Android smartphone that can solve most of the problems of an old smartphone and extend its life greatly.

Phone Cleaning App for Android

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Any phone that has been in use even a short period of time may still amass a lot of problems. Those problems are:

  1. full memory that does not allow saving photos or files;
  2. freezing and bugs;
  3. low performance;
  4. slow processing speed and internet connection;
  5. slow app startup and crashing;
  6. the battery loses its charge faster and faster;
  7. surfing the Internet, selecting files or choosing from menus becomes unpleasant because of the slow speed of the device.

These symptoms slowly but surely push each of us to the idea of buying a new smartphone. But why is it that even new devices also experience these types of issues? Maybe the answer to that issue is not a new phone? Maybe there’s an easier way out?

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The way out of this situation is to optimize your smartphones systems with software tools. Such optimizations can make your Android smartphone work the way it did right after purchase.

There is an easy way to promote your Instagram posts and to handle other urgent matters much more efficiently and comfortably, working with the same old phone of yours.

What can a phone cleaning app for android do?

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Maybe the gradual clogging of smartphones is an inevitable attribute of their normal operation. Maybe manufacturers design such a property into them so that people would buy new phones more often. There’s only one thing we can say for sure. You do not need to replace your gadget with a newer one when the first problems occur, because you can fix them very quickly and easily.

A modern Android smartphone optimization app can do a lot.

It can:

  1. detect and display the number of running processes and the amount of memory that they occupy;
  2. display the amount of RAM used;
  3. optimize the use of RAM;
  4. enable and set up an energy-saving mode;
  5. display the CPU temperature;
  6. get rid of unnecessary apps.

By performing those tasks, you free your smartphone from a huge amount of trash that hinders its proper operation. This helps users to discover that their phones work really well and are powerful enough to meet all their needs.

It is interesting!

There is absolutely no need to go and buy a new cell phone if the old one has begun to “slow down” and display error messages.

The Best Battery Saver App

If you haven’t already managed to build a business while staying home, you’ll surely need a battery saving feature on your phone. It looks like magic but the utility app such as Phone Keeper or CySmart is able to not only speed up your smartphone, but also extend its operation time with a single battery charge. This is due to the fact that the power consumption of a phone depends largely on how many apps are running on it and how resource-intensive they are. For example, a game with good graphics “eats” the power up very quickly, while a simple clock app requires very little power to run.

The problem occurs when a lot of power consuming apps are running simultaneously, each one consumes the power, and the user simply can’t see that. He or she has no idea that a dozen unnecessary apps continue to run, take up RAM, degrade their smartphones performance, and use the battery power. Apps such as Phone Keeper or Battery Booster can help solve that issue.

These apps analyze all the processes in your phone and separate those that you need at the moment from those you don’t. By closing unnecessary programs, applications and processes that do not do any good at the moment, the software load is reduced on the device. As a result, the battery power will last for a much longer period of time. In addition to that, all useful processes run much faster.

Additional feature Phone Keeper offers a complete shutdown mode for background apps, invaluable at extremely low battery levels. When your calls are the only critical function you need, this feature adds precious minutes to your phone’s battery life.

Phone Keeper: Phone Cleaning App for Android

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Apps such as Phone Keeper and My Device Pro are able to literally breathe new life into your old phone. Phone Keeper provides a complete information breakdown about the RAM usage, and allows you to optimize it so that you can get the most out of it for those tasks you really need. The app allows you to turn on the smartphone power saving mode and significantly reduce battery consumption, including the possibility of extreme energy saving, which can be invaluable in difficult and critical situations. It provides information about the CPU status and temperature, allowing you to cool it down with a touch of the screen. This feature is very important to ensure the speed and quality of operation of your smartphone, and in addition to that, it makes the phone’s hardware more durable, preventing wear and tear.

These solutions are simple and trouble-free tools that are easy to download and install, they have a minimal memory footprint and work perfectly on any Android smartphone. They will make your phone work as if you’ve just bought it – not yesterday, but just a few minutes ago. Your phone’s slow operation and freezes, errors and intrusive system notices will disappear.

Now you don’t have to buy a new phone. You can make a new phone from your old one by saving all your important data and getting rid of everything else. That’s a simple, fast, free, and guaranteed solution.