Are you considering promoting ads on Instagram? Have you ever spent a complete day writing a post that did not deliver? You probably have. It is estimated that more than 700 million posts are shared every day. Thus, the competition is really tough.

Let us have a look at useful techniques to promote posts on Instagram.

How to promote a post by using ads

Various important aspects should be considered when promoting an Instagram post. You should choose the right ad type in order to obtain amazing results. Here are the five types of Instagram ads:

1.   A Photo Ad

A Photo Ad is a photo of your product that usually takes the user to the product page by suggesting the Learn more option.

2.   A Story Ad

A Story Ad allows you to advertise your product by sharing Stories that immerse customers into your offer.

3.   A Video Ad

You can promote your product by an interactive Video Ad that appears in the feed of users who might be interested in it.

4.   A Carousel Ad

A Carousel Ad allows you to highlight from 2 to 10 images/videos of your product. Users can swipe through the images and then contact you.

5.   A Slideshow Ad

A Slideshow Ad combines several still images that are played as a video.

Instagram post promotion benefits

1. Better Conversion

Higher conversion is achieved through visual ads. They generate more sales. Instagram Ads also increase your return on investment.

2. Connection to Facebook

This greatly contributes to Instagram promotion. Facebook data can be used to target customers on Instagram. Ads are managed through Facebook and there is no need to create and set up new ads for Instagram.

Don’t be intimidated and afraid by the fact that you will receive lots of direct messages after advertising a campaign. And don’t  stress over how you might not be able to respond to all of their questions. You just need the help of Instazood! It provides a special service to automate your DM, likes, comments
and much more.

How to Promote Instagram Posts Successfully by Influencers

There are people that set fashion trends and have the power of using the word-of-mouth technique. Everything that they recommend is in great demand. They influence people’s attitude towards products and services. That’s why they are called influencers.

You can benefit from cooperating with popular Instagram influencers.

1.   Finding influencers

Use hashtags or influencer platforms in order to find some bloggers in your business niche. It will be great if they use the same type of products that you offer. You can also use the smart service to search for social media influencers
in any niche and anywhere.

Your returning customers might also be influencers who may help you to reach other bloggers!

You should provide content to the blogger or ask them directly to advertise your product/service by reviewing it in their posts/stories.

2.   Negotiate with influencers directly

Start negotiations with influencers: provide them with product samples and ask to share their opinion on Instagram. This is also a good idea to cooperate with bloggers and participate in giveaways/contests and such. This will definitely bring you more customers.

3.   Great platform is an easy ride

Instagram influencers believe that it is better to contact brands through influencer platforms which act as a third-party. They allow brands to discover new influencers, as well as to be found by them. Security is not an issue here as there are certain terms of use on the platform.

Generation Y targeting

It’s one of the main Instagram post promotion benefits. Posts that target the millennial generation are great for promotion. The platform is actively used by people in their twenties. Thus, you should grab their attention and earn loyalty to get amazing results!


The information considered in the article will help your business thrive by promoting your Instagram posts most efficiently. There are some vital aspects to be taken into account to gain more profit, accelerate conversion and attract more customers.