CRM systems help your business work with a client. And the right choice will make cooperation effective and the maximum benefit.

Best CRM Systems for Your Business

Successfully implementing business projects while in a highly competitive environment is quite difficult. It has not been enough just to create a quality service or product and present them to the consumer for a long while now. You need the ability to find the right approach to each client, look for new sources of attracting customers, and set up sales funnels with a high conversion rate.

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Just for these purposes, CRM systems were developed. In this article, we will look at popular offers on the market and find out which option is the most effective and attractive.


This is one of the best CRM systems, available today to small and medium businesses. The functionality of the system is divided into several powerful blocks: sales, marketing, and analytics. Each of the blocks has all the tools necessary for the effective development of the company. You can use either one block or several in the work, with a competently built work, the result of synchronization of various tools only grows. This CRM system is popular due to its excellent functionality and a wide range of advantages.

The user has many different options

  • Create actions that can be flexibly configured.
  • Receive various notifications and messages as in the web interface.
  • Access to task lists.
  • Instantly view daytime views using the Today app.
  • CRM system Salesforce has a convenient interface for a mass of records, employees, and groups.
  • Sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, and connection of additional applications in one interface.
  • Access to a wide field of AppExchange applications that can be downloaded to mobile devices.
  • Customizable applications using the navigation menu.
  • Integration of pages and parts of Visualforce into the same navigation menu and entries.


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CapsuleCRM – an option worthy of being on the TOP CRM systems list. The program is actively used by small businesses and sales departments. The software helps to manage customer relationships, sales, letters, full history of interactions, work with tasks, and perform other operations.

The CRM system ranking is high due to a wide list of advantages. For example, CapsuleCRM can integrate with Google Apps and other services. The important features of the solution include: importing contacts from Outlook, Gmail, business cards, tables and CSV, customization for business processes using categories, managing a task list, calendar, and tracking transaction steps.

Additional CRM system features:

  • Sharing contacts with employees.
  • Contact classification.
  • Add notes about conversations.
  • Track email messages.
  • Storage of documents.
  • Functional dashboards.
  • Reports.
  • Creating tasks, meetings, calls, etc.
  • Customization of sales and processes.

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CRM system has a free version that gives you many possibilities. It gives users a complete view of everything that you know about your customers, potential customers, and the companies with which you do business. The free version provides access for one or two users, provides 10 MB of storage, and allows you to upload up to 250 contacts to the system.


Another CRM system for marketing, which is perfect for developing your business and contacting customers. HubSpot is an email tracking application that sends real-time notifications every time someone clicks or opens agent-sent emails or downloads related attachments. The program integrates with Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, and shows who and when and how many times viewed the mail and where the recipient was when he opened the letter.

This is a great CRM system for small business and medium companies with few contacts and periodic calls. Tracking existing contacts when visiting the organization’s website will be of interest to sales and marketing departments, and will also help optimize the preparation of advertising campaigns for distribution to customers who are interested in a product or service of a company.

CRM system software stores recipient profiles in the sender’s mailbox. With their help, you can view customer history and correspondence, addresses, and mutual contacts. Due to the possibility of scheduled sending, the system will remind you of the necessary messages for their timely transmission at a specific date and time. With HubSpot, you can make calls directly from the browser, as well as register or record calls in one click. The administrator can configure filters for notifications, and a detailed notification ribbon, including about new leads and activity of participants, will allow you to keep abreast of all events that have occurred.

CRM system benefits:

  • Content Management.
  • Contact base.
  • Contact history.
  • Planning and scheduling tasks.
  • Repetitions of tasks.
  • Tracking tasks.
  • Email integration.
  • Archiving and tracking letters.
  • Call monitoring.
  • Integration with social networks.
  • Access via HTTPS.
  • Statistics and analytics.
  • Personalization of newsletters.
  • Geographic information about the email recipient.
  • Activity notification tape.


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Salesmate is great for the sales team, which is trying to take the initiative and close it faster, providing faster communication and automation. CRM system costs not much and is available as an application for iOS and Andriod, which makes it easy to expand your prospects. Some great features include task creation, time tracking, email tracking, pipeline management, sales forecasting, etc. Salesmate CRM currently offers built-in calls and bulk SMS features. Which means no additional integrations or additional equipment costs.

CRM System advantages:

  • Inexpensive programm with excellent functionality.
  • Nice and intuitive program interface.
  • There is IP-telephony (internal – free).
  • Cross-platform has an online version.
  • Built-in site builder.
  • Broad communication (before video conferencing).
  • Visual analytics.
  • Great CRM system for nonprofits companies, small and medium businesses.

Octopus CRM

One of the perfect CRM system types, which gives you additional opportunities for business development and effective work with clients. SaaS service Octopus, which provides the services of a virtual Call center implementing a CRM system based on SugarCRM Community Edition.

The database is integrated with the operator panel of the Call-center. This makes it possible to change/supplement customer information during phone calls. For your convenience, we have implemented the possibility of making calls directly from the CRM-system and automatically opening a customer card when they call to your company. If the client is not registered in the database, a window pops up with a filled-in line of the phone number and blank lines required to be filled by the operator. If your company already uses SugarCRM, then you can get CRM-system implementation with SaaS Octopus Call Center operating on your server.

System Benefits:

  • A month of free use.
  • Convenient and indicative sales funnel.
  • Work with multiple sales funnels.
  • Intuitive: easy transaction management.
  • This is an excellent CRM system for healthcare, service sales, and small business.
  • Integration with major services: Amazon, G Suite, Slack, Trello, Zapier, and others.
  • Integration with Call Center.


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This is one of their good CRM system examples, which can make your business more successful and of high quality, as well as attract a large number of customers. For users, an activity stream is available – Action Stream, which reflects the results of transactions, customer profiles and tasks.

You can install CRM systems to practice. By clicking on the selected task, you get more information about it. Also, you can manage your tasks through your Inbox. OnePageCRM integrates with various applications – accounting, training, and mailing lists. Among them will be interesting to those that are focused on the search for potential customers according to the specified parameters (lead generation). The service costs a little over $12 per month per user.

Benefits of OnepageCRM:

  • Good CRM system for small businesses.
  • Simple, beautiful, and intuitive interface.
  • Well-designed functionality.
  • Call services.
  • Integration with a large number of services.


Well, we’ve finished our CRM system comparisons, and now you know some more important information about potential systems. All that is left is to choose the best option and make your business more successful. If you need more information, you can check out some educational videos about CRM systems for real estate and other businesses on YouTube.