Cold calls are very important and one of the most difficult aspects of a sales manager’s job. There are a vast amount of articles online with sales scripts and tips for communicating with new customers. We have compiled them into a single article that will help answer the $64,000 question online – how to make cold calls and close them with sales without either wasting a lot of time or wrecking your nervous system.

What Are Cold Calls?

A cold call is a phone call to an unprepared stranger with a story about a company, its products and/or services. This technique is necessary for establishing new useful contacts and is indispensable for expanding a client base of a business both that has been built in an office or effectively operating from the home of its owner.

The main disadvantage of cold calls is that the client is not waiting for the call and is absolutely unprepared for it. Therefore, such calls often cause negative reactions in people and often irritate them. However, it is vital to “break through” such reception of a client because a successful cold call gives business a very important advantage that cannot be obtained by any other means available.

Meaning of Cold Calls

The meaning of cold calls often has very little to do with direct sales. The fact is, cold calls are not for selling because the customer is often completely unprepared to make a purchase. More oftenly, he/she is already working with one of your competitors. For example, the manager of the restaurant “A” is already buying meat from supplier “N”. He is satisfied with everything, and he has no interest in changing his current supplier and switching to meat from company “A”. This is an unnecessary hassle that may distract the decision-maker, even if company A’s meat is much better, cheaper, and more profitable to use.

It is important! In order to make a cold call effective and successful, you need to understand what exactly you are doing. When you do, the probability of getting a new client increases significantly.

Purpose of Cold Calls

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The purpose of cold calls is to make your potential client be interested in what you have to offer, to spark his desire to work with your company and make an appointment. In this case, the manager does not negotiate a sale or closing of a deal. The point here is to arouse the interest of a potential client, to give him an understanding of the benefits of working with your company.

After a successful cold call, a potential customer will

  • Know about the existence of the company whose manager has just called.
  • Be aware of the benefits of working with that particular company.
  • Understand that the terms offered may be more advantageous to him.
  • Feel a genuine interest in the company.
  • Be ready to meet with its representative to learn more about the product or service.

When the client has begun thinking about all of the above, it will be much easier and more convenient to work with him, because this is how a “cold” client turns into a “warm” or a “hot” lead. But in order to succeed, the manager needs to follow certain procedures that lead to a state of readiness to make a purchase.

Build a cold call system, tie it to your CRM system, and increase your customer base!

Cold Call Techniques

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The cold call technique is both simple and complicated at the same time. On the one hand, it is a fairly simple activity to perform, requiring only persistence and nerves of steel from the manager. On the other hand, it is a subtle art, success in which hangs on the ability to communicate and understand the person you’re talking to.

The typical cold calls sales script looks like this:

  1. Get the attention of the person you’re talking to.
  2. Introduce yourself and your company.
  3. Explain the reason for the call.
  4. Make a questioning or value statement.
  5. Set up a business appointment.

It is important! You should not think that using a script will make your communication sound stereotypical and lifeless. When we watch a movie, we do not realize that everything the actors are actually saying is learned lines written in advance, because they seem sincere when speaking those words. The same concept applies to good salespeople. They speak fluently and convincingly, so it doesn’t sound like a learned standard text used for every call.

It is very important to master cold sales techniques and methods, and their skillful use statistically increases the efficiency of a manager and the company as a whole. But studying them is important not only for sales managers, but also for those who hire the managers in the first place. Without a basic understanding of cold call techniques, you will not be able to adequately assess and monitor the quality of your manager’s work.

Cold Call Reluctance

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Even an ancient and weather-beaten phone can become a source of business income if it falls into good hands. But one of the major challenges of cold call managers is that people they call have a negative attitude towards them from the beginning. These people may not have time or intent to talk with the manager, may not need the goods or services that you are offering. After all, they may just be biased against this kind of call.

In this situation, it is important to understand that the objection of a potential client does not yet mean that the client will reject a possible cooperation with you. There lies the subtle art of the sales manager, who needs to win the person he’s talking to in a matter of seconds and find a personal approach. It is not about a personal relationship or sympathy, but rather about how the offered product or service may benefit this particular person on the other end of the line.

In order to do this successfully, you need to have the skills and techniques of making cold calls. But even having the skills does not guarantee success if there is no charm, good mood, or comprehensive knowledge of the product or service being presented.

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How to Get Rid of Fear and Anxiety?

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If you want to do a good job, it’s important to do it with pleasure. Perhaps this statement is true for any job, but it is especially important for a cold call manager. But the fear of talking with a stranger can ruin all the work even more than ignorance of product features or articulation problems can.

It is important! There are many effective methods to get rid of the fear of cold calls.

  1. Listen to recordings of cold calls and note particular aspects of the manager’s behavior and his mistakes.
  2. Think about the relevancy of your next call and convince yourself of it. Rest assured that you want to offer something really important and useful for your potential client. 
  3. Write a script for your future call and check with it during the conversation. It is better to be a sequence of topics compiled by you personally than a typical cold call script found on the Internet. Such cue cards will let you stay on track and will be a reliable support even in the most difficult conversations.
  4. Work with a mirror. Find the exact facial expression, pitch, and intonation that will be best perceived by the person you are talking to;
  5. Mastery only comes with practice and the longer the practice, the higher the mastery. So keep calling, and calling, and calling!

Cold Calls for Jobs

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A cold call sales manager is a very challenging and very interesting job for those who are able to appreciate all its benefits. It requires a combination of systems thinking, creativity, unambiguousness, a ready wit, and a great love of communication. A true master of cold calls brings any company a lot and is very expensive. But to become one, you need a lot of practice and a perfect mastery of the craft.