The largest amount of profit (in absolute value) is generated in the stock market by a small number of companies. And that number is constantly decreasing.

In the US, about 50% of the profit earned by public companies is generated by only 30 companies. In 1975, 109 companies owned half of the income.

YearNumber of companies making 50% profitNumber of public companies in the USAShare, %

The dynamics of basic income concentration by a limited number of “the select few” is evident. And this trend is not only for the US, but it is worldwide.

Who are those selected few? The companies that make the most money. And by the way, how much do they actually make? How much do those companies make a year, a day, a second?

Of the top 20 richest companies, a half of them are found in the United States. A quarter (25%) in China, and the rest are in 5 other countries.

The first five front runners are raking up hundreds of millions of dollars every day! If converted into a per-second income earned by them, you get a range from $1,200 to $3,500 EACH AND EVERY SECOND!

CompanyCountryIncome per dayIncome per second
1Saudi AramcoSaudi Arabia$304,039,726$3,519
3Industrial & Commercial Bank of ChinaChina$123,293,973$1,427
4Samsung ElectronicsSouth Korea$109,301,918$1,265
5China Construction BankChina$105,475,068$1,221
6JPMorgan Chase & Co.USA$88,969,863$1,030
8Agricultural Bank of ChinaChina$83,990,411$972
9Bank of America Corp.USA$77,115,068$893
10Bank of ChinaChina$74,589,589$863
11Royal Dutch ShellUK / Netherlands$63,978,082$740
13Wells FargoUSA$61,350,685$710
16Exxon MobilUSA$57,095,890$661
19Toyota MotorJapan$46,526,027$538
20China Development BankChina$45,874,795$531

The front-runner, Saudi Aramco has a profit of more than 300 million per day! That’s breathtaking. To appreciate the scale of the cash flow, let’s convert that into annual profit. Doing that gives us over $110 billion he makes in a year!