One way or another we all use amulets. Many tend to have their lucky penny, lucky t-shirt or special keychains no matter how skeptical they are. The issue boils down to the following question – what exactly works in this case, is it the objects themselves or is it a person’s belief that they are so special?

History of Amulets

 Amulet for protection
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A variety of amulets and talismans have existed throughout the history of humankind since the very beginning of the civilization of our species. Manifestation of our desires and fears in various objects has taken many different forms. It could be rocks, herbs, antlers, teeth of animals, various ribbons, or horseshoes – the list is endless.

Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, Jews, and Greeks all attached great importance to amulets and traditional rites connected to them. No wonder why their civilizations thrived, became stronger and stronger over time. As we know, they have been  highly influential and intelligent. But is it because they actually acquired some mystical objects like they thought they did? Why do people still use amulets to achieve a happy married life, open a restaurant, or pass an exam? Let’s find out more.

Amulet for Protection

 amulet natural armor
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Traditionally amulets have been used for protection against something bad or evil. Disease, crop failure, curses, death in battle, quarrel with loved ones and so on – people have always kept special items that would protect them against all of those. Curiously enough, after thousands of years, the main issues that still concern people these days remain almost identical to the ancient ones.

But in addition to ritual objects, people have used other tools to protect themselves against various attacks. For example, prayers and various rites. These practices continue to this day. From “spitting three times over your left shoulder” to more sophisticated rituals. A huge variety of such customs are still practiced today by those who are engaged in trade and businesses. It may seem strange, but it is hard to imagine people who are more subjected to such customs. However, the very fact that they are the ones who become truly successful and rich in life should lead you to think of things. 

“Come in front of me, a black cat has just crossed our path”.

“Put the money on the table, I won’t take it out of your hands directly”.

“Never put your keys on a table, that way you will lose money, and have none of it”.

You will generally hear these superstitious phrases from people who have actually achieved a pinnacle of success in their lives and work. Why is it so important and what exactly works for the success and well-being of people? What really helps to achieve a goal? Let’s look at it from a scientific point of view.

Power of Your Thought from the Scientific Point of View

Power of your thought
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The question about the power of thought and how it works is answered by an incredibly popular documentary “The Secret,” which explores the phenomenon of human intention and how exactly it turns into reality.

“The Secret”Everything you feel is a clear reflection of what is already in the process of becoming reality”.

This approach seems pretty obvious, but in fact it fundamentally changes the idea of how real events in life are related to thoughts, desires, and intentions of each person. It explains why a variety of rituals, rites, and amulets have enjoyed such popularity throughout human history.

The basis for the documentary is the notion that the Universe is a sensitive material that is affected by everyone and it actively interacts with each person by any means available. Everything that matters is sincerity of the intention and its purity, clarity, and absence of concentration on it or unnecessary excitement.

The same thoughts are presented by contemporary philosophers and thinkers under the “New Age” philosophy. This culture affirms a complete authority of a person over their life and destiny, and denies all existing ideas of religion and faith. The enormous popularity of such ideas inadvertently leads to the notion that there is truth in all of this.

How to Use the Power of Thoughts and Feelings

Why has human culture been using amulets and rituals for thousands of years, hasn’t given up on them yet, and passed those traditions from generation to generation? The fact is that such actions do have a significant impact on the course of human life and they bear fruit. All that matters is how you use them.

In terms of energy exchange, any amulet is a material embodiment of a thought, desire, or intention. Over time, it gets saturated with the person’s or people’s waves, transforms itself and becomes a source of special vibrations that affect everything it interacts with. That is how specific items and objects really become cultic and start to change the course of life around them. But is it about the objects?

The following understanding is very important: it’s not the objects themselves that bring luck, but the energy people give to them.

If you learn to properly distribute your mental energy and direct it exactly where you need it, you will not need any amulets or talismans. You will be able to tap into the very same energy without the help of any auxiliary tools.

People who used to be called magicians, witch doctors, or shamans, in fact, simply possessed the art of controlling their own energy and directing it in the right direction. It was very impressive to those around, and the latter composed stories we call legends, myths, heroic epics, or fantasy today. But the fact is there is nothing magical in the ability to properly direct the flows of one’s own mental energy. Moreover, we all do it every day, every minute of our lives, just without knowing it.

Power of Collective Thought

The power of thoughts and feelings
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A person who has learned to control and manage his mental energy becomes very strong and can willfully manage the options for developing his life, choosing them as you choose your restaurant menu items. But in order to achieve that level of awareness and control, a person needs many years of diligent practice in addition to an innate talent.

This is not the case with collective mental energy. Even a generalized intention, backed by the energy of others, becomes incredibly powerful and has a marked impact on the life course. With this skill you can earn big money, become a successful businessman or a famous musician, literally anyone you want to be. Especially if there are dozens, hundreds or thousands of people who share your desire.

These days, people increasingly more often use such tools as Weavelets – digital amulets that are not physical objects, but are still able to collect the energy of an enormous number of people with similar intentions. This method of accumulating the thinking power of various people makes it possible to compensate for energy a person lacks to achieve any goals and reach those pinnacles that seem unreachable.

The important thing though is to have no doubts and not to expect instant results. People simply install a weavelet on their phone, visualize their intention and live peacefully from then on while the collective mental energy does its work.

Power of Positive Thinking

Power of collective thought
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How do you get what you really want in your life?

  1. Articulate your wish
  2. Visualize what has to be there in the end
  3. Secure it in your mind as a clear intention
  4. If desired, amplify it (e.g. by using an amulet or installing a weavelet
  5. Calm yourself and try living a joyful life, get yourself ready to accept the gift that the Universe is already preparing for you

The last item on this list is probably the most important. Imagine your wish has been heard and the Universe is gladly preparing it for material embodiment, choosing the most appropriate moment, the best circumstances, the best possible situation. Don’t try to rush the Universe, otherwise you may mar its impact on itself and you. Learn to use the power of mental energy in business, personal life, and other areas. Feel deeply about all the sweetness of waiting for a gift that is sure to be given. Don’t wait for it on purpose, don’t hold your breath, simply know it will be there:

  1.  You’ll get exactly what you want the most
  2. You will be given it exactly when it is the most appropriate
  3. Whoever gives it to you will not really be the Universe or some deity. You’ll give it to yourself
  4. From now on, live joyfully and have fun on the way, this very second, right now.

When your wish comes true, do not be surprised, and do not think that it is some kind of magic. This is the principle everything here is based upon. It’s just that now you know how it works and you can use it over and over again to your advantage.